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Glass Perfection UK – Optical Glass Manufacturers

Glass Perfection is a UK Company which manufactures Optical Windows, Filters and Components for production, custom fabrication or from stock.

Specialising in polished plano windows in a wide range of materials with over 20 years manufacturing experience, we offer low cost volume production.

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Types of Lenses

Lenses are the most basic optical component. Glass Perfection provides a lot of different types of off the shelf lenses with the material BKY, fused silica etc. Special requirements can be answered and designed by Glass Perfection engineers upon request.


It collects light from a source and refracts that light to form a usable image light itself or it may be an illuminated object.



The simple lens is a single optical element that refracts inadent light to form an image. The most common simple lens forms are Plano-convex lenses, Double-convex lenses, Plano-concave lenses and Double-concave lenses. Each lense has a certain degree of power (o)

o = (n-1)(1/R1-1/R2)


o = Lens power (=1/focal length)
n = index of refraction of the lens material
R1 = radius of surface 1 of lens
R2 = radius of surface 2 of lens
(for double-convex lenses, R2 is negative)

Lens Markers Formula

o = 1 = (n-1)(1- 1) + (n-1) t
f R1 R2 n R1R2


t=lens thickness

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