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Glass Perfection UK – Optical Glass Manufacturers

Glass Perfection is a UK Company which manufactures Optical Windows, Filters and Components for production, custom fabrication or from stock.

Specialising in polished plano windows in a wide range of materials with over 20 years manufacturing experience, we offer low cost volume production.

beam splitters
scientific optical manufacturers
beam splitters
glass perfection
Beam Splitters
scientific optical manufacturers
glass perfection

Flat plates HR Mirrors

Every surface reflects light. The reflected light is both diffuse and regular (or specular) and sometimes comes both from the surface and the bulk material. The reflectance of a surface with a dielectric coating depends on the optical properties of both the substrate and the coating.

Coating can be designed for very high reflectance or as partial reflector. The useful wavelenght range of any dielectic reflector is limited.



Diameter Tolerence: +0mm - 0.2mm
Parallism: < 1 arc minute
Clear Aperture: > 80%
Thickness Tolerence: +/- 0.2mm
Wavefront Distortion: ^/10@632.8 mm per 25 mm
Surface Quality: 20/10 scratch and dig
Bevel: 0.25mm x 45 degree


BKY grade A optical glass n = 1.5183 +/- 0.0005 (@546.1mm)
High purity uv grade fused silica n = 1.4608 +/- 0.0005 (@546.1mm)


HR coating on S1, Rp> 99.5% for random polarisation Rs> 99.9%, Rp> 99.2%
R= (Rs+Rp) / 2 uncoated on S2


uv quartz discs Broadband high reflectance
achromatic lens coatings
gold coated mirrors Laser quality or more economical
scientific optical manufacturers optical quality
scientific optical manufacturers Various sizes available
achromatic lens High damage threshold

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